The cure for sciatica is usually the first thing long time sufferers go looking for. Unfortunately there is no definitive cure for sciatica. There is one treatment that can in a sense “cure” your sciatica or at the very least make it negligible. More on this treatment below. The best part is these treatments are drug free, safe, and completely natural. I too was a long time sufferer of sciatica. I then discovered the only doctor approved treatment guide available and was able to rid myself of sciatica for good! You can read more about the only cure sciatica guide here If you suffer from the following symptoms then read on for a sciatica “cure”.

  • Pain stemming from the lower back down through your legs and feet
  • Feeling a “prickly” or needle like sensation
  • Trouble standing up from sitting down.
  • Difficulty moving your foot around

Some common approaches to treating sciatica is to take several potent drugs that include, pain killers, steroid injections in the spine, and anti-convulsants. Before you consider utilizing any of these drugs you should first try some exercises and stretches. You can read up on some great stretching routines outlined here. Keep in mind that these stretches aren’t a cure sciatica instantly guide. Further treatment will be necessary if you wish to rid yourself of sciatica for good (see below).

Cure Sciatica: Several Options

As much as you would like to just crawl into bed and rest when you have sciatica pain flare ups, you must avoid this. To clarify, too much rest can only make things worse as stated by, Mark Milstein, MD, a neurologist at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City. On the other hand, you should try physical therapy including light exercises and stretches.


Another great option is Acupuncture. The reason being, acupuncture helps to build up your tolerance to pain through the release of endorphins. In addition, acupuncture can reduce inflammation. This is noted by Jiang-Ti Kong, MD, a pain specialist at Stanford Health Care.

Heat and Ice Packs.

Heat and ice packs are probably the simplest way to get quick relief. Furthermore, these are great if you are experiencing spasms which are common with piriformis syndrome. You may use a damp towel and some warm water. Apply the damp towel to the affected area for about 15 minutes at a time. You can do the same with some ice packs as well.

Good Posture.

Sitting for long periods at a time puts you at greater risk of developing sciatica. To remedy this, it’s necessary to have good posture when sitting at a desk. Dr. Milstein says that using a pillow placed against your lower back area will help support the natural shape of your back and makes it difficult to hunch forward.

Bathroom Breaks.

Make sure to take bathroom breaks. As simple as it sounds sitting for too long can create pressure around your disks. Dr. Hameed claims that getting up once every hour and getting a drink of water/ going to the bathroom can help to minimize any further complications.


Massages can help provide temporary relief in a short period of time. Many licensed massage therapists are quite familiar with sciatica and equipped to handle it. It’s likely the masseuse you visit will have vast experience dealing with sciatica sufferers, as noted by Dr Hameed. The more experience the masseuse has the better. In addition, it’s also best if your practitioner uses medium pressure when massaging your tissue. Aggressive massages can cause sciatica pain flare ups which are definitely not what you want.


Another natural and drug free way to treat sciatica is to visit a chiropractor. There are many benefits to visiting a chiropractor. For example, in 2010 researchers found 60% of sciatica suffers who did not have success with surgical treatments, noticed great improvement after seeing a chiropractor. In addition, seeing a chiropractor supplements the other sciatica treatment methods you are already doing.

Staying Active.

When you experience sciatica pain flare ups, staying active and committing to an exercise routine is great for recovery. On the contrary, staying in bed and resting too much can make the pain worse after a couple days. But, how much exercise is enough? According to Dr. Hameed you should get about 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day. That is to say, you should be out of breath but still be able to say a few words. Try brisk walks, swimming, or even gardening to keep yourself active.

Sciatica SOS – The real sciatica “cure”

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