The purpose when it comes to sciatica pain treatment is to relieve pressure surrounding the sciatic nerve. Over the years sciatica pain can get worse due to inactivity and lack of muscle movement. Sciatica pain treatments can help to minimize the pain felt by sciatic nerve pressure. There are great sciatica pain treatment routines available and include, light exercises, stretches, and OTC medicine.

Rocking knees exercises. These types of exercises help to relieve pressure from muscle clenching. This gives better circulation around tissue and will diminish inflammation. Do these at a slow and “comfortable” pace, it should be very relaxing, as opposed to taxing, on the body. Gently rock back and forth as if coaxing a baby to sleep.

rocking knees sciatica paint treatment

rocking knees

Spinal rolling exercises help to dissipate any rigidity you may have in your lower back. Do this very briefly taking care not to overdo it.

spinal rolling sciatica pain treatment

spinal rolling

Sciatica stretches are designed for your sciatic nerve pain and you are encouraged to perform these as a first measure. Try these before moving on to more advanced routines. I’ve outlined a few good stretches here that you should take a look at.

Advanced pain treatments

Sciatica tennis ball treatment: using a pair of tennis balls, gently massage the facet joints of the lower back spine. Please refer to the picture to get a better idea of how to perform this treatment.

Sciatica tennis ball treatment

Tennis ball treatment

Floor twists: these are great at stretching the nerve roots down the side of the lumbar spine. You should focus on getting your leg as straight as possible at the knee, hold the center of your foot. Repeat for the other leg.

sciatica floor twists

Floor twists

As always use caution when implementing any one of these sciatica pain treatments. Although, stretching and exercise can certainly help to alleviate some of the pain felt from sciatica, it is not a permanent solution. Those looking for a permanent solution without the need for risky or expensive surgery than I highly recommend Sciatica SOS.

How to permanently get rid of sciatica pain

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