Natural treatments for sciatica are often the first thing affected folks go looking for. It’s great to start off with natural sciatica remedies before moving on to more serious options (surgery). A lot of times natural treatments are enough for most sciatica sufferers. Most of the time the sciatic nerve is pressed against by inflamed muscle tissue resulting in sciatica. If this compression of the sciatic nerve is severe than medications or surgery may be necessary. As I’ve already stated I believe it’s best to begin with natural sciatica remedies. Here are five of the best natural treatments for sciatica.

Five natural sciatica remedies

sciatica stretches

sciatica stretches

Stretching and exercise. Try some stretches designed for sciatica. I’ve got a post of a few great stretches here. Don’t forget to get a little light exercise into your daily routine as well. Usually, short walks are enough, you may also want to try some basic yoga as well.

sciatica exercises

sciatica exercises

Don’t sit or stay in bed for too long. It may seem natural to want to rest as much as possible when experiencing sciatic pain. The problem with resting for too long is that it could make your symptoms worse. The compression around the sciatic nerve could increase leading to more severe symptoms. It’s best to do some stretches and light exercises before considering long resting periods.

chiropractor for sciatica

chiropractor helping patient with back problems

Chiropractor’s. Spinal adjustments with the assistance of a chiropractor can help realign your spinal disks. This helps to address any protrusions into the canal in addition to taking care of the underlying pain source.

Heating/cooling pads. A lot of people have claimed to find relief with the help of heating and cooling pads. Start by using a heating pad applied to the lower back for about 10-20 minutes. As an added option you can alternate between cold packs using first a heat pad and then a cold pack. Do this for a few minutes each day. Here’s a great heading pad for relieving sciatica back pain.

Sciatica SOS is the best among sciatica remedies

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