An effective sciatica symptoms treatment is the first step to recovery. The sciatic nerve can become easily irritated causing pain and discomfort. Sciatica pain generally starts in the lower back and goes through the buttocks down to the legs and feet. Specialists claim that 35 – 40 percent of people will be subject to sciatic pain at some point in their life.

Understanding the symptoms is crucial in order to figure out which treatment will work best for you. Keep in mind that there is no best sciatica symptoms treatment. This is because treatment will vary on a case by case basis. You should consult a physical therapist if you believe your sciatica is very severe. With that said here are a few of the symptoms you may experience.

Sciatica symptoms


  • Sharp shooting pain that goes along the sciatic nerve and originates from the lower back. This pain goes through the buttocks, and through the legs down to the feet (in some cases).
  • Feeling numbness along the nerve in your leg
  • Feeling a “tingly” sensation like needles in your feet and around the toes. Sitting for extended periods of time can make the pain worse.

If you believe your case of sciatica is mild then some simple treatments might be in your best interest. These include.

  • Common over the counter painkillers can alleviate much of the pain
  • Some simple stretches and short walks can help
  • Using hot and cold packs applied to the lower back

More extreme sciatica symptoms treatment

If all else fails you may have to consider surgery. Most who suffer from sciatica usually recover, but a small percentage of those affected (5-10%) may have to undergo surgery. The two most common types of surgery for sciatica include:

Lumbar laminectomy – Done to reduce pressure on the nerves by widening the spinal cord in your lower back area.

Discectomy – This is the removal (sometimes partial) of a herniated disk.

Surgery free alternatives to getting rid of sciatica

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