Do you experience any pain that shoots down behind your leg, tingly or numbness that goes down to your foot? Perhaps a sharp pain or jolt when you sneeze or cough too hard? These are all sciatica symptoms. Although not clear indications of sciatica for sure, but pain extending from the lower back through your legs could all be signs. Sciatica results from the sciatic nerve being pressed against mostly due to a misaligned disc. If you experience minor back main and a lot of leg pain then you could have sciatica. Below are some symptoms to watch out for.

Sciatica symptoms

Weak knees

sciatica symptoms

weak knees

Typically felt in just one knee and goes through the entire leg. Being the largest nerve in the body, the sciatic nerve can get pinched and that’s what will cause you pain and numbness. Experiencing pain is usually not a red flag but rather the fact that weakness and numbness is what follows. If you feel like your leg is getting weak you should look at some treatments for sciatica.

Failing the raised leg test

sciatica symptoms raised leg test

raised leg test

The most effective way for doctors to diagnose sciatica is to have patients lie down with legs stretched out. The doctor will proceed to raise one straightened leg up between 30-70 degrees. If the patient experiences pain from this test, specifically pain going down your leg, it usually indicates sciatica.

More trips to the bathroom

lots of peeing - sciatica

Lots of bathroom breaks?

Feeling like you just can’t control your bowel and bladder resulting in lots of trips to the bathroom could mean severe sciatica. This is usually rare and doesn’t occur in most sciatica patients. It’s important to undergo surgery immediately if this is happening to you.

Not an athlete?

sciatica symptoms for athletes?


If you aren’t frequently training or running constantly then there’s a chance the pain you’re feeling is due to sciatica. The reason is because athletes experience a similar pain and numbness down the leg, but this is due to piriformis syndrome. Piriformis syndrome feels just like sciatica but in fact isn’t. This is why if you aren’t an athlete there is a better chance that your symptoms are in fact sciatica.

The real cure for sciatica symptoms

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