Before we delve into how to best treat sciatica it’s important to understand just what is causing your sciatica pain. Sciatica pain, described as occurring in the lower back and “flowing” down through the legs and even feet. This happens when something, perhaps a muscle or herniated disk, presses against the sciatic nerve.

Physical therapists can help develop sciatica stretches designed just for you. Consider this option if you believe your sciatica is severe. You should try some simple stretches that you can do right now at home. Be sure to read about how to implement these stretches by heading over here. These sciatica stretches have been designed to relieve tension around your thigh and glute area. Take great care when performing these stretches.

Light exercises can be a great way to help with the inflammation pressing against the sciatic nerve. Taking a short walk can help to treat your sciatica.

Bed Rest. Staying off your feet for about 3 days is usually enough to do the trick. Best accomplished by sleeping on the floor or a firm mattress. You should return to your normal activities afterwards.

Try using cold and hot packs. You should begin by applying cold packs to your lower back for a few minutes 2-3 times a day. Do this for a few days and repeat this process but using hot packs instead.

Medicine. If none of the above are helping to treat your sciatica you may consider over-the-counter pain medicines such as aspiring, naproxen, and ibuprofen. Be sure to consult your doctor before taking these for an extended period of time.


About 5 – 10 percent of those who suffer from sciatica most likely will have to undergo surgery. This is usually assessed once 3 months of treatments (stretches, exercises, medicine) have gone by to no avail. In very rare cases sciatica can develop into caudal equine syndrome. This condition causes you to lose control of your bladder and requires immediate surgery. Two common types of surgical procedures regarding sciatica are known as 

Diskectomy – Requires the surgeon remove whatever is pushing against the sciatic nerve (herniated disk, bone spur, etc.).

Laminectomy – requires the surgeon to remove the lamina and tissue that may be pushing against the nerve.

Get rid of sciatica without surgery.

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